New Orleans Hash House Harriers (NOH3 No. 952)

The Eighteenth Analversary Hash

Date: 22 October 2006

Hare: Butt Gravy 

Venue: The Fly, The High Bluff overlooking the Mississippi River behind Audubon Zoo in New Orleans, Louisiana  The Trail:

With the hare, Butt Gravy, out laying trail, seasoned and green hashers alike examined the trail marks and speculated on their meaning in the cool air of late afternoon on the bluff overlooking the Mississippi River during  the ten-minute lead time. When it was time, the pack left from the 'Fly', as the place has become known, along the roadway in the park to the entrance, out onto a part of the levee that has become known as 'dog shit park' because dog owners have been using the space to let their dogs run sans leashes, along the levee to and past Cooter Brown's Saloon on Carrollton Avenue.   The trail led into the picturesque streets of the Carrollton area to the Universities area, onto the campus of Tulane, to and across Saint Charles Avenue, into Audubon Park, across Magazine Street, around the zoo and back to the Fly through the exit and the on-in.

  The Circle: Religious Advisor: Swamp Bitch

Swamp bitch opened the proceedings by call all who had been hashing in New Orleans since the first hash.   When it was evident that none was present, he then called for the  'eldest' to the circle.   Tidy Bowl Man, Gooey Blow, Head First, Peter Tease and Swamp Bitch, himself.  Each was asked to state how each got his/her name.     Head First, who with Gooey Blow started and ramrodded Red Dress R*n in New Orleans, was named for an accident that she had on an earlier Hash trail.   The legend has it that she tripped and used her head against her better judgment and hit the ground with same, without use of hands, elbows, to slow her descent.  Gooey Blow's name is a rare instance of a hasher's nerd name, her family name, being found satisfactory and presentable at Hash events.   The spelling of said nerd name may actually be "Goey" but this writing is a week late and as this is being written, Gooey is embarking on a cruise down the Mississippi, across the Gulf of Mexico to Yucatan.  Peter Teaser, being four-foot-eleven in heels, was seen dancing at a Hash event with Athlete's Mouth  whose nerd name is Peter, who is almost six feet tall and...well, just do the math.  Swamp, who has been named twice, said,"My first naming occurred at a Hash  event at Nick;s Bar when I  responded,'I don't care, it's gotta be pink', when asked what drink I wanted.'"  He was affixed the name,  "Gotta Be Pink".  The rare second naming will be told later.   That event at Nick's was also attended by the hasher known as Tidy Bowl Man.   It seems that he was with a group of hashers sharing a specialty drink called "The Toilet Bowl".   The Toilet Bowl was, as one would imagine, in a toilet bowl-shaped vessel with straws for each participant.    Tidy Bowl Man, being five-foot-three-without heels-experienced difficulty reaching his straw and mumbled out loud,"I feel like Tidy Bowl Man", referring to a character in a television commercial for toilet-bowl cleaner and was named such.  So, the second naming of he who would become Swamp bitch follows.   It seems that there was a female visitor to NOH3 who just decided that she wanted Gotta Be's name.  His shirt happened to have been printed with a swamp scene and as the visitor persevered in the circle, He relented and said,"Oh, just call me Swamp Bitch".   He exchanged shirts with the visitor, she became known to hashers worldwide as Gotta Be Pink, our own Gotta Be became known as Swamp bitch.

New Boots: Just Penny, a guest of Just Leslie; Just Tom from New Haven, Connecticut; Just Theron  Visitors: Pick Of The Litter from Cieta Cerveza H3;  Crotch Critter from Baton Rouge H3  Porkymon from Biloxi (aka Gulfport) H3  On-on-in: This being the Analverstitty Hash, the On-on-in fare was a barbecue courtesy of NOH3 with grills provided by Butt Gravy and G-string, grilling was performed by Warrior Princess, fun was provided by all and views of oceangoing ships and other traffic provided by the Mighty Mississippi.    Scribe:  On Da Rag  (Tom)   Errors? Omissions?  Send an e-mail to:


attend the next Hash and make arrangements with the Religious advisor to bring it up in the circle.




New Orleans Hash House Harriers

Hash No. 951 

The Fifty Second Week after Katrina


Hare:  Chicken Pot Guy


Date:   15 October 2006


Venue:  Cooter Brown’s,  The Campus of

Tulane University and Points Between in

New Orleans, Louisiana


The Trail:

At 1500 hours during a break in the rain, the hare, Chicken Pot Guy stood on the railroad tracks and explained the markings to be found on trail.   After the customary delay of about ten minutes (plus or minus ten, or so) a half dozen running hounds left the presence of about twice as many wanking hounds and scouted trail along the rails and the levee on the ‘east bank’ of the Mississippi River toward Audubon Park, across Leake and into city.   The trail led the pack along streets lined with picturesque victorian houses densely packed together, as is the custom in New Orleans, along a zigzag course defined by checks on nearly every intersection, to and across Saint Charles Avenue and onto the campus of Tulane University.

The hounds followed flour through the beautiful gray stone classroom buildings that surround green, tree-shaded quads to Freret Street, across same to more of the campus to the palace where once stood an all-steel football stadium that had eighty one thousand seats and not even one parking place.   Chicken Pot’s trail led to Tulane’s practice field and a trail mark rarely seen in NOH3, a turtle.   None of the hounds caught it, though, that all runners were to stop and wait for the slowest runner before proceeding.   The idea of the turtle, Pot Guy said later, was to make sure the whole pack crossed the football field together in case of an encounter with the police.

Soon after the crossing of the athletic field, the beer check was found on Hickory Street and the trail home to the On-in at the foot of the levee on the Mississippi River was a mostly a direct route.


The Circle:

Religious advisors:

PS Knave


New Boots:

Just Mike, courtesy absentee Piston Penis.   Although it was not determined at the time, Piston Penis could not have made Just Mike cum if he himself were not in attendance so could it be said that Piston made our new boot Go?


Reboots:  E.S.H., Fill Me Up, Anal*zer, Pecker Nipples, Just Leslie, Spread ‘Em, Takes It In The Face,  Let Her Lick Her


The Hares and the Trail:

Chicken Pot Guy was called to the circle to defend his opus but instead, the question was asked, “How did you cum to offer to be the hare?”   CPG replied, “I  stepped up when no other would.”   There may be something missing there but your scribe was mired somewhere between the second and third articles of the Objectives of the Hash as defined by the  Kuala Lumpur Hash House Harriers.


Visitors: None


Party Crashers and/or Late Cumming Party Crashers:

Dr Poo stumbled out of Cooter Brown’s and approached the circle with fire in eyes, hackles raised after having endured the defeat of his hometown pro football team by the New Orleans Saints and expressed his grief with a string of obscene expletives.   His team was the Philadelphia Eagles.