New Orleans Hash House Harriers

Hash No. 981

Hares:  Juggling Whore-A-Fist, Tastes Like Chicken

Date: 14 May 2007



The Distressed Golf Courses in City Park

In New Orleans, Louisiana


The Trail:

With thunderstorms threateniug from two fronts the New Orleans Hashers gathered at the ruin of the clubhouse forthe golf course in City Park known as ‘Bayou Oaks’, two Hares, Juggling Whore-A Fist and Tastes like chicken delivered chalk talk to hounds who glanced warily at the dark clouds and thought that each should be holding aloft a 2-iron because even God can’t hit a 2-iron (I had to look it up, ).

The hares fled in opposite directions, one being true trail laid by TLC to the south and Juggs on a false trail to the north.   Most of the hounds guessed true trail correctly and headed south across the devestated golf course through weeds for a quarter mile  to a ‘bridge’ across a narrow place in a lagoon consisting of a four-inch pipe.   The hounds, including the canus types who accompanied their owners, chose to wade across through shallow water to the arboretum  and out to Harrison Avenue and the beer check.

The golf courese in City Park will be rebuilt one day but meantime, the minor wilderness that they provide in the center of the city, complete with some young wild boars, is a perfect place for hashing.

After the beer check, the hounds followed trail back across the ‘wilderness’ to Filmore Street and the On-in.




The Circle Religious Advisor: Vagina Miner


New Boots:*

Just John from St Bernard, introduced by Just Andy;

Just Frans and Just Eddie, Juggs the hare made them cum;

Just Will courtesy Candy Ass.



New Orleans Hash ex-patriates, Cock Socker and Golden Delicious and their baby, Just Cameron.



Flock of Seamen and his wife Just Amy.  (I have been told that Flock and Just Amy actually have been with NOH3 for several months.)


The Hares and the Trail:

Much was said of the trail.   Among them were the usual allocates, “it sucked”, too much/little shiggy.   It was noted also that there were not enough false trails, which dumbfounded co-hare Juggs since his trail was to have begun with a long run toward  the north to a ybf false trail.



*Scribe:  On Da Rag  (Tom) 

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New Orleans Hash House Harriers

Hash No. 980


Hares: Tighty Whitey, Just Selma

Date: 7 May 2007

Venue: City Park

In New Orleans, Louisiana


The Trail:

In pristine coolness, the hare, Tightly Whitely explained his trail markings to the pack and set out with a customary head start of about ten minutes from the parking lot of the tennis courts and led the pack west for a short run and a turn to  the north and either around west of Tad Gormley Stadium or the the east, depending on who was scouting trail from the check on the tracks of the little train.

The trail led northerly to and under the railroad and I-10 underpasses and to the baseball diamonds.   From there the pack followed flour south again to the big entrance to the park on Wisner Boulevard and the beer check.

From the beer, the trail led more or less straight back for the On-in.


The Circle

Religious Advisor:



New Boots:

Just Dave, a guest of Tightly Whitely



Crotch Critter from Baton Rouge H3 who turned out to be not a visitor but a transplant since he has been shackin’ up with Beat Me Eat Me whom he did not bother to bring along and who having been recently named may have been pushing the record for most seniority without ‘earning’ a hash name.



Just Erin, Just Scott, aka Temporary Fuck Bucket A’ (See namings...), Blowing Semen,  Jack Off Lantern and Chicken Pot Guy.



Juggling Whore-A-Fist


The Hares and the Trail:

Much was said about the trail, that is sucked, etc but Tightly Whitely had with him the assistance of his little dog and although Tightly had the wrong name for the subject of the statue which was the place of the beer check and the hounds still found the beer. 



Just Scott, aka Temporary Fuck Bucket  A’, was called out to discuss allegations as he was asked to explain the ‘boob curve’ that he uses in the nether world where he prepares young minds to go out to the world and kick ass that a naming might be in order.   In the circle, he meticously traced his curve in the dirt, with two humps of perfect semetry.   At the top of each hump a spike appears mysterioiusly and some may say, mystically.   It was proposed and, offered for a vot and solemnized that from that day on, the Hasher formerly known as Temporary Fuck Bucket be known to hashers world-wide as “Below The Boob Curve”.


Cani in attendance:

Just Brandi, a visitor from Baton Rouge; Just Nigel; Turbo Dog; and a co-hare, Just Selma



It was pointed out that while the hare, Tightly Whitely, had near to him his co-hare, Just Selma, that much of the trail was marked on trees and fireplugs in code that only another dog could interpret...but the hounds found the beer, anyway.

 I.H.O.V. stepped in and called Doc Cousteau and Releash Me and cited them for ‘swinging’ on trail.   The motion was seconded by many.   A description followed which left no doubt.   Trial By Gravity found them to be guilty and down-downs were administered.