New Orleans Hash House Harriers
Hash No. 966 
Hares:  Tidy Bowl Man; Takes It In The Face
Date: 28 January 2007
Venue: Central Avenue Area
of Jefferson just west of
New Orleans, Louisiana
The Trail:
From the parking lot of the biker bar known as ‘The Pit Stop’ the pack left running earterly after chalk talk following hare Tidy Bowl Man on his semi-live-hare trail under an over cast day.  The trail led on Jefferson Highway for a few blocks toward the water works to a turn toward the north, zigzagging through a neighborhood comprized of houses that were builtto accomodate US Army personnell of the big logistics base that is now called Elmwood.
Somewhere in there, the hounds followed the flour on a spur across Central avenue to the beer check.
From the beer, trail led northward to and across the railroad tracks and then around beneath the same tracks on the railroad trestle that is the rail road approach to the Huey P Long Bridge, southward along more residential streets to and across Jefferson Highway.  Trail then led along St George Street to the levee on the east bank of the Mighty Mississippi River and along same to a place near Central Avenue, north toward Tidy Bowl’s newly-moved-into digs for the On-in and On-on-in as well.   
The Circle:
Religious Advisor:  Spread ‘Em
Butt Gravy and G String entered the circle to announce officially their safe return after BG’s participation in the Lisbon~Dakar (formerly, Paris~Dakar) Road Rally and took the opportunity to announce their engagement to be married.  Butt Gravy said that he proposed during the Dakar Rally because he thought he was going to die before the end of the event.
There is absolutely no reason to believe, however, that G ever held in her hand the valve spring retainer clip which was crafted by a Belgian machinist specifically for a Six-Fifty-Honda to run the Dakar Rally who then died leaving no protégé to maintain his legacy and opened discussion of marriage with Butt while poised to drop said valve spring retainer clip into a cess pool.   If this were true, Butt would have dived into the cess pool to catch it before it vanished below the surface.
New Boots:
Just Jason, invited by G-String;
Just Annie and Just Nathan
Betty Crotch Popper, Suck At Ja Weenie from Baton Rouge H3.
Hops of  Barley whose home Hash is lost to the scribe.*
FRB Award:  Penis Colada passed the coveted FRB award to Blowing Semen but, see FRB II below.
Participants in Competitive Event:
Hops And Barley, Wet Blow, Ruby Boobies, Ready Whip and On Da Rag participated to varying degrees in the 30k R*ce known as “The Wall”.
FRB Award II:
At this time, the FRB Award was passed from Blowing Semen to Spread Em.  When hashers are drinking and it is cold outside, things like this can, and sometimes do, and that time, did, happen.
Self de-Edification:
With beer still to be drunk and little underway to find crimes to fit the punishment, G-String entered the circle to declare that she would cum clean, that she did get lost on trail with Just Andrew and Just Jason and drank for that indiscretion.
Hash No. 963 
Hares:  PS Knave, Spread ‘Em
and Visitors from Okinawa, Poonie Tang
and Hot C.A.R.L.
Date: 7 January 2007
Venue:  Popp Fountain in City Park
New Orleans, Louisiana
Pre Trail happenings:
Three hashers brought with them a total of four canine friends and after a perfunctory sniff of each new arrival they spent the time before the hash run playing in the standing water under the trees and exchanging ‘bios’ by peeing, mostly in the same spot, in what could only have been an activity of ‘comparing’.   Only Oral, having observed this, theorized that they had established a Blog, a DogBlog, if you will.   Ain’t Long Enough said that he was glad humans didn’t do that.   
The Trail:
 In the afternoon of a rainy and unusually warm day after the 100th r*nning of the Jackson Day R*ce in City Park, the hounds bounded out from the little shelter near Popp fountain slopping along under the trees passing behind the fountain and it’s storm-damaged iron fence to and across Marconi Drive on the western border of the huge park.
The trail then led along Marconi southerward under the railroad trestle where the pack became lost.   Searches were conducted along the tracks at the top of the embankment. both directions on Marconi, a short distance into the park.   During this time, the pack following the wanker’s walk passed through the center of the confusion, disappeared in the distance to the south, reappeared walking back northward having given up any hope of finding the beer truck.
The trail was finally found near the bottom of the embankment of the railroad and the flour led to another underpass, to a park street and trail markings to the east limit of the park, across Bayou St John.
Somewhere over there, two hashers, one being our newly installed Grand Master, Penis Colada, found the beer check.
The trail led the few for a short distance northerly before some apartments (?), back across the Bayou to the park and about three quarters mile back for the on-in.
The Circle:
Religious advisor:
Spread ‘Em
Just Allison from St Kitts in the Caribbean and her beautiful and playful boxer whose name is Zeta.
A.lways I.ced D.own S.outh and his father, Just Rick.   A.I.D.S. was in route to a permanent change of station from Kadena AFB in Okinawa to somewhere stateside.
Poonie Tang and Hot C.A.R.L. were traveling with him but are still stationed in Okinawa.
(A.I.D.S.’  destination was lost as was the extension of C.A.R.L..*   The scribe was drinking, it was cold out there...)
Only Oral, Pap Smear, Blowing Semen and veteran hashers from ancient times, Goes For The Hose and Ain’t Long Enough.
The Hares and the Trail:
The ramifications of a trail on which only two hounds found the beer check was examined and discussed and PS Knave was asked to explain...but when one hare drinks, all hares drink... and they drank.
Animals at the Hash:
Visitor Just Allison was accompanied by her Boxer, Chicken Pot Guy had his two Chihuahuas and Twinkle Twat had with him his little dog named Girlfriend.
*Scribe:  On Da Rag  (Tom) 
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