New Orleans Hash House Harriers

Hash No. 968 

Hares: Takes It In The Face and Just Paul 

Date: 4 February 2007 

Venue: Bywater, Maringy, French Quarter and the

Krewe of Barkus Parade

In New Orleans, Louisiana 

The Trail:

On a cool and pristine noontime in the gravel lot next to the wall at the junction of Elysian Fields Boulevard, St Peter Street and Esplanade Avenue, a frequent venue for Hash events, the hares awayed heading into the area known as Bywater.

They laid trail on the narrow streets that are lined with shotgun houses that have been made beautiful with renovations and  over the past fifteen years.  The trail zigzagged along these streets for a distance passing before I.H.O.V.’s house and turning to head downtown to and across Elision Fields Boulevard into another stunningly redeveloped area called Maringy.

The hares continued on to Esplanade, into the French Quarter and through same to Armstrong Park on Rampart Street where a cutsie parade of dogs in costume and their masters/mistresses too were setting up for their annual parade through the ‘Quarter.  The beer check was found nearby on a side street.

After having developed a good thirst and satisfying it with beer, the hounds followed more-or-less straight (Yes, straight, and in the French Quarter, too.) trail back to the illegal parking lot where the trail had begun.


The Circle:

Religious advisor: Spread ‘Em 


Macho Cock Ranger from Biloxi H3;

Just Charles and Peace ‘O Chum from White House H3 who were in New Orleans to board a cruise ship for Central America;

Swinger from one of the Atlanta, Georgia Hashes;

and frequent visitors from Baton Rouge H3, Medicinal Hand Job and Crotch Critter. 

The Hares and the Trail:

The hares were lauded for their trail following usual hash custom using many of the words that cannot be spoken on television but there was a question about a ‘Penis Colada’ check.  Could there have been some voyeurism on trail?  Nobody asked, nobody told. 


Takes It In The Face and Crotch Critter both celebrated their birthdays and were serenaded. 


Errors from Prevoius HashTrash Writings:

It seems that as Takes It In The Face was a hare a couple of weeks previous, that even as she laid trail on roller blades, changed into, and there is no other way to say it, new shoes, she was not noticed.   (How did we miss all that?  Takes It should have just pitched a tantrum when all else had failed, I would think...)

Also overlooked was Takes’ wonderful chicken pasta salad at the On-on-in at that Hash at co-hare Tidy Bowl’s house. 

G-String stepped up and called Tidy Bowl Man.  She stated that Tidy had graciously found a Port-A-Let deemed to be of useful quality for her to use.  

Auto Hashers:

Visitor Just Charlie, Takes It In The Face and Yours Truly, OnDaRag, all of whom were to some degree disabled, rode in the beer truck with the Beer Meister, Beer Fart.   We were joined by Twinkle Twat and his canine companion, Girl Friend. 

Naming, or attempts thereof:

The co-hare, Just Paul, was sent out of earshot to afford the hashers an opportunity to choose a Hash name.  Tidy Bowl Man opened the proceedings by disclosing that while dancing at Razoo’s on Bourbon Street, I.H.O.V. coaxed him out of his shirt.   One suggestion was ‘Judy Garland’, others included, ‘Back Stage Hand Job’ and ‘Private Dancer’.   A consensus could not be reached so the issue was tabled for a later date. 

Visitor of Circumstance:

During two hours of Hash activity, there was a body rolled up in a sleeping bag which was presumed to be warm and when that body stirred, it and the soul within were invited to the circle to introduce himself, Just Travis.  He told us that he had just been released from jail for having been drunk...and some mention of having found the limit of an NOPD policeman’s patience.  He did a down-down and returned to his sack to continue his holiday in New Orleans.  

*Scribe:  On Da Rag  (Tom) 

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