New Orleans Hash House Harriers

Hash No. 958

3 December 2006

Hares:  IHOV and Blowing Semen

Venue:  Finn McCool’s

The Trail - After the Saints victory of course:

On a blustery, cold Sunday afternoon (45 degrees,7 centigrade, is cold by New Orleans standards, thank you.) the pack set out on trail from Finn McCool’s, the Irish Pub with a Scottish-sounding name, laid by Blowing Semen, first Riverbound on Banks St. to a left turn just short of Jefferson Davis Pkw. and over to Canal St.  Another left turn onto Canal took the pack to Carrollton Ave. and a right on to Bienville.  Flour was found along Bienville to and across City Park Ave. and into a quaint and interesting but somewhat shabby little neighborhood and out to the former location of Spanky’s on Canal Blvd.  The pack were then led across Canal Blvd, across a corner of Greenwood Cemetery to a slide-under of a locked gate at the intersection on Canal Street and City Park Avenue. After a treacherous crossing of one of the worst examples of traffic engineering in the world, the hounds ran on the sidewalk and then across Canal St. through another cemetery to Banks St. and the beer check at the back of Charity Hospital Cemetery.  After having developed a good thirst and having satisfied it with semi-good beer, the hounds jogged, ran, walked and/or crawled up Banks Street, back to Finn McCool’s.

The Circle

Religious Advisor: Swamp Bitch

New Boots: None

Visitors: Wishboneher, a veteran NOH3’er transplanted to Nittany H3 in Delaware; Bugg fugger, the effervescent Religious Advisor in the Baton Rouge chapter who is a frequent visitor to New Orleans.

Looting on Trail: Ass Dandruff produced a once water-logged time clock which was his treasure selected from storm debris that sill can be seen on the streets of MidCity. It was determined that Letter Licker could use it, but the reason is lost...* Then the religious advisor for the day, Swamp Bitch, pulled out his treasure, some guy’s cheat sheets, a stack of cards, each with a Spanish word on one side and the English equivalent on the opposite. None of the little cards,(the whole stack could be concealed in the palm of an average high school student’s palm) bore the phrase, “Hey Meestore, ‘want to buy some peek-tores of my seestore?”  It was then decided that since they were dropped, or hastily discarded, on the street along side Jesuit High School that they were probably real cheat sheets.

Miscellaneous Cryptology

I have in my notes, “Ready Whip ” I was drinking. It was cold out there. If anyone can contribute any info, please bring it up in the circle next week.*   Probably drinking lots of the Yukka that was also provided by the hares.


I.H.O.V. provided the pack with some bodacious peanut chicken and couscous to keep the pack together for a little longer and served it up on the step to a flood-damaged and therefore vacant house (there are a lot of those these days) and enjoyed by all, next to Finn MCool’s.

Scribe: On Da Rag (Tom)

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attend the next Hash and make arrangements with the Religious advisor to bring it up in the circle.